Govathon-sparked mobile app curbb to improve parking in Atlanta

What can ruin your day in an instant? Here’s a hint: it’s yellow, sits on your windshield and mocks you for being just a moment too late. You guessed it — a parking ticket.

The frustration that comes with parking tickets was the inspiration for curbb, one of the top winners at Atlanta’s first city-run hackathon, Govathon. The event gathered more than 150 developers, programmers, designers and members of the community for a two-day hackathon, an assembly of tech-savvy individuals to develop software for city improvement. Ideas were presented that addressed issues like crime, poverty, transit and homelessness.

“While I originally attended Govathon to support friends in the startup space, I received a parking ticket on my way to the event and decided to take action,” says M. Cole Jones, concept creator of the mobile app. “After receiving the ticket, I thought of creating a way to pay for parking meters and other curbside services using your mobile phone.”

Jones, a co-founder of covello, a group that helps startups grow, joined forces with eight other experts to create curbb. Following the success of the mobile app, the City of Atlanta prompted Park Atlanta, the city’s parking services organization, to issue a RFP so that the technology can become an everyday reality and convenience.

The Atlanta startup community harbors great talent. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is not solely composed of tech whizzes. Marketing, corporate communications, development and management play vital roles in the successful development of mobile apps and other innovations. Luckily for curbb, its team had representation from each of these disciplines.

“We had a great team that filled vital roles in the development life cycle,” says Firaz Peer, user experience designer and frontend UI developer of curbb. “From marketing to development, we had it covered.”

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