David Cummings on the importance of a corporate culture in startups

Despite the challenges entrepreneurs can face, such as an economic downturn, one of the best ways to stay positive and forward-moving in a startup is to develop a great corporate culture.

“Everybody encounters challenges in life,” said David Cummings, Atlanta entrepreneur. “And, some of those challenges are potentially really good business opportunities.”

Cummings’ experience building websites presented an opportunity for him to create a website management company. He then went on to create a marketing software company to better position those sites — Pardot, which sold to ExactTarget for a reported $95 million.

And, Cummings says one of the most important factors of the company’s success was supporting its employees.

“Our one and only sustainable competitive advantage was determining, choosing and nurturing the people we worked with day-in and day-out,” said Cummings. “We really focused in on the corporate culture. The performance and success of the company is really a testament to how great the people are.”


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